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To Let 855
1st November 2023

The summer heat has finally left the rental market. Following record-breaking rental prices, October's average rents on new tenancies reverted back to levels last seen in May and June,...

Mould 310
1st November 2023

Half of UK renters are living with a disrepair issue such as damp, mould, or electrical hazards, according to a new study by law firm Hodge Jones & Allen.

To Let 690
27th October 2023

Bad smells, lack of natural light, and signs of damp have all been revealed to be deal breakers for large numbers of renters who took part in a new survey by Uswitch.

27th October 2023

Soaring rent prices have seen a significant rise in the number of renters under the age of 45 seeking support for unmanageable levels of debt.

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