Number of couples flatsharing to save money up by 67%

With the UK amid a rental crisis, more and more couples are choosing to move in together to save on costs.

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9th February 2024
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"Our research is showing that many couples are opting to live in shared housing over their own space to keep costs down"
- Matt Hutchinson - SpareRoom

New data from flat-share website, SpareRoom, shows that since 2019, the number of couples opting to move in together to save money on rent has increased by 67%.

with average room rents in London and the UK standing at £1,014 and £739 respectively, it’s no surprise that couples are looking to ease the financial burden by splitting their rent. 47% state this as one of their primary reasons for deciding to move in together in a flatshare - not particularly romantic, but a sign of the times.

Escalating rents are making flat-sharing a more realistic solution for cohabiting couples, with 66% stating they’d like to live with their partner but can’t afford to rent their own place in this market.

66% say they enjoy the experience of living as a couple in a flatshare. However 46% of couples said they’ve faced challenges when living together, common concerns included a lack of privacy and space.

Agreeing key information beforehand, making time for each other, communicating, avoiding arguments, and working from home on different days are all ways cohabiting couples in flatshares try and make it work.

However, on the flip side, 62% of renters admit they don’t enjoy living with a couple in their flatshare, stating reasons such as having to wait to use the kitchen (52%), less space (42%) and extra noise (40%).

Unsurprisingly, 41% of couples living with their partner in a flatshare are in their 20s and predominantly live in London (49%), where rents have skyrocketed since the pandemic, whilst wages have stagnated.

Matt Hutchinson, SpareRoom Director comments: “Living with a significant other is often seen as a mark of adulthood, but with the rental crisis showing few signs of easing, and rents hitting an all-time high in 2023, our research is showing that many couples are opting to live in shared housing over their own space to keep costs down.

Besides the advantage of paying reduced rent - living together as a couple in a house share is a practical solution that can be great under the right circumstances, and is also a good way to try cohabiting before making any major financial commitments."

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