Stoke-on-Trent revealed as the UK's best value location for FTBs

New research has revealed which UK cities allow first-time buyers to own their first home on a budget and which locations provide less bang for your buck.

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6th November 2023
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"This research has been conducted with first-time buyers in mind, to help them easily understand which cities have the most potential in terms of affordability and desirability – ultimately helping them to secure their dream home"
- Jo Winston - St. Modwen Homes

In a time where homeownership feels out of reach for many, Google searches for ‘mortgage monthly payment calculator’ have surged by 22% year-on-year. Hopeful homeowners are desperately searching to see what they can afford, but are often left disappointed.

New research from St Modwen Homes has identified the UK cities with the most affordable monthly mortgage payments - areas where property hunters can own their own home without breaking the bank.

Additionally, at the other end of the scale, the data also revealed the most expensive cities for first-time buyers. As you would expect, London came out on top (£3,833.76 per month). The capital was followed by Oxford (£3,250.41 per month) and finally, Bath (£3,239.43 per month) making up the top three.

The five most budget-friendly destinations for first-time buyers:

1: Stoke-on-Trent - £950.16 per month

Stoke-on-Trent takes the top spot for the cheapest average monthly mortgage payment in the UK, coming in at just £950.16. Known as the "Potteries," homes in Stoke-on-Trent are not only more affordable than other UK locations but also offer great local amenities and attractions - including a superb variety of restaurants, pubs and bars.

2: Swansea - £1,082.99 per month

Nestled along the Welsh coast, Swansea has earned its place as the second most affordable location in the UK when it comes to monthly mortgage payments. This seaside city offers an ideal mix of urban life and coastal country living – providing a fresh take on the typical metropolitan lifestyle.

The balance between the rural scenery and city-style amenities – including comedy clubs, leisure centres, and a thriving shopping scene - makes it an ideal place for buyers wanting the best of both worlds. Plus, the price is a great bonus!

3:Liverpool - £1,163.39 per month

Rather surprisingly, the iconic home of The Beatles comes in as the third most affordable mortgage location in the UK. Liverpool has a rich history and exciting cultural scene - with iconic attractions such as the Albert Dock, Liverpool Waterfront, and Anfield Stadium right on your doorstep.

Liverpool is a bustling city that is full of life and would make a happy home for anyone seeking to live in a dynamic and lively location.

4:Wolverhampton - £1,229.40 per month

Wolverhampton, number four on the list, is a Midlands city which offers a unique mix of culture and history to its residents. With the thrill of the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre, the heritage of Wightwick Manor, and the hustle and bustle of the local nightlife, variety truly is the spice of life for those living in Wolverhampton.

The city also has fantastic transport links to other cities such as Birmingham and London, making it a great location for commuters.

5: Derby - £1,304.57 per month

Derby is not only a reasonably priced city to live in, it’s also surrounded by natural beauty – including the Peak District National Park, Markeaton Park, and Alvaston Park. These open green spaces make Derby a great location for anyone looking to live somewhere with easy access to the great outdoors. Plus, with exciting venues in the city, including the theatre, the Derby Quad, and the Pride Park Stadium – you can catch a show, concert, or game just a stone’s throw away.

For those dreaming of locations to live that might initially seem financially out of reach, there's no need to despair. Luckily, there are ways that can help bring down mortgage payments, such as utilising first-time buyer schemes including the 5% deposit contribution.

Jo Winston, Sales and Marketing Director at St. Modwen Homes, comments: “Getting onto the property ladder can often feel like an uphill battle for most first-time buyers, particularly when you factor in current interest rates.

“This research has been conducted with first-time buyers in mind, to help them easily understand which cities have the most potential in terms of affordability and desirability – ultimately helping them to secure their dream home.

“With that in mind, we aim to support buyers as best as we can, and that’s why we offer different buying schemes such as our 5% deposit contribution. This allows purchasers to bring down their monthly mortgage payments, as they won’t need to borrow as much money from their lender.”

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